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the image of god

  •  I am the judgment  

    In the name of god the bountiful

    In the name of god have they vision in the image that they build of there own desire 

     Have they not seen there own faces in what they put before there god 

    Have the way of the seer sent before you to guide you been watered down with baptism of UN pure blood.
    How have taken the  sun that guides you in the darkness on a center of the existence have they forgotten who sent this light

    so that they may  

    can  make peace with themselves and then with one another have they.  Have they  Not heard the teaching or  seen them  w

    work there miracles and do they not bear witness to what has been sent down to them that they hold in there very hand

    written amongst the lies that they hold so dear there heart the book of warning of there persecution have they not gathered to  
    gather in the name of god and make mockery have they forsaken the lamp of god for the lesson of Baal have they not been

    told about the deceiver   has he not you the very chosen to hold fast the mind of men to do there bidding have they not set

    themselves in the temple and seated there selves as the king of man that only they are chosen the same one that deny a

    clear gin when given to them sent to them in there own house when they had no foundation. Have they not et themselves up

    as the chosen and that they stand up the best of the sheep but hence are not the fat sheep that  go to the slaughter are not

    the bloated ones best to devour.  If they only knew the way of  eternal you cannot capture you can only mirror and a

    reflection is not the real thing it is a distortion of substance and only the substance has form only the substance can last for it was taken away there would be no reflection.  so a if there was no god there would be no image how do they not see how

    have they been misguided not to eye what I plain.  Who do they follow there on desire or the true will of god I am not hear to

    dismantle thy breast so that I may see thy true desire for the truth is within the blessed and with out.  shining so bright that

    the angel can see it from there host for a man that talk with the true light of god need know dissemination he wears his heart

    on the outside so that all may see and glorify the father.

    I am the judgment 

    In the name of the father 

    His majesty glorifies the fields 

    His bounty glorifies the heaven 

    The host glorifies his name

    He ho grant free will so that way may be free

    He who grant us of his womb so that we may be comforted 

    He who displaces so that is guided 

    He that give of his substance so that we may be nourished 

    He that give of his self so that we may live 

    Is it not enough that all he ask of us to be humble to love one another in his name in his guidance 

    Is it not he that teaches the ways of intellect so that we may understand what he has given us but low there are ones who

    deceive who will have you give of yourself only for there desire who work  in the way of wickedness who make miracles on

    this on that.  So that you may bear witness to him in that, he would get the glory.  Be not fooled for they wear the cloak of the

    Sheppard but they as the wicked wizard who uses our ignorance to lead you blindly in that WHICH you do not hold dear.  In

    that WHICH you see grace but only go for fear of man not of god.  In addition, you take up the way of wickedness for.  Who

    are you that set yourselves up in the name of the father so that they may be exalted above men?  Is it not written that I will

    set men among you from above you so that they may lead you in the way?  Was it not writen?  That I will set one of my being

    amongst you so that you may bear witness to the miracles of god.  Did he not come in my ways and sayeth that he did not

    come to be above man but to live amongst man.  To guide them in the way did he say that not these things he did but unto

    you so that may see that all power comes through god who is above all thing.  Did he not him the anointed of god sit

    amongst the children of men then who then has exalted these leader amongst men that sit in the temple of man and call it

    the body of god.  For is not the boy of god pure is not the way of god a pure way not hindered by corruption do they not know

    that the temple of man built by man even in the days of the seers that spoke in his name is not these very temple that the

    evangelist spoke against?  Is this temple not the same temple that god himself broke in two so that it would not set it self up

    before god?  Is not the anointed that disturbed the market place and games of chance that they still play with there very

    lives.  Is it not the temple where the wicked make sacrifice is not they that set leader amongst men is they that not set up

    politics within the church so that know there position amongst the servants is not them that graven images to direct the flow

    and attention of man so that consume the energy.  Is not them that reign amongst men and influence the life of the ones

    they have made slave to there ways and tradition.  Is it not these traditions of corruption that man fancies in the name of

    god?  How are they misguided who given to man did not the servants of the true god ay fight this with your very lives do not

    take on the ways of man do not make lite what god has made heavy a burden on thy back don’t not make a mockery of his

    commandment for he has said that the punishment  would be grand have they lost fear of the ways of god have they put

    man so high have they put themselves higher than the one that made them is the son mightier than father have the children

    of god become mightier than even the host of god have there arrogance and pride taken them to be the most high and that

    god is only for there bidding and only to comfort them in times of trouble or grant them the spoil from there bounty that with

    his very breath all would be blown away and all thy prayer would be in vain.  Is this not the hell that he has spelled out is this

    not the eternal flame tat burns unyielding to live by desire is like a cup with whole never getting filled no matter how quick

    you fill it or how much only leaving the thirst.  Sure, the way of god make you full with no desires only hungering for the love

    of god.  Without The burden of glutens to be filled forever with love.