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Nick Brown

Feeling a new energy now. End of Cycle perhaps??

  • Lately I have been feeling an energy that has become stronger over the past couple of days. I know I have felt it before but never really paid that much attention to it unfortunately.This time around though it is exceedingly apparent and pretty hard to deny. I was for a while very lax in my spiritual seeking and meditations. I was in a form of hiding which made me somewhat numb to others. Now with my attention grasped and my psychic self more willing I have been noticing a great deal of changing energies. It has been coming quicker and quicker in waves and I notice that it has in some respects made me more anxious and a little less patient unfortunately. There is an upside though. When I am calm and I allow myself to fully connect with it, it feels like a shift is coming. I don't know how strong or who it will affect most. I was just wondering if anyone else has been feeling this way? I do get a sense of urgency with it as well. Right now I am not sure what that urgency is pointing to but I don't have a feeling it is anything painful or dangerous. Maybe it's hitting me so strong because I was so out of the loop for an extended period. I am not sure. I would love to know what anyone else might have to intuit on this issue and would love to know if you too have felt the energy shifting drastically. Of course it is the winter season when things turn drastically in nature but for some reason I feel it is something more as well. Any ideas? Many blessings and hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Blessed Be,

    Reverend N. Brown

  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin I hope you are right Rev Nick. It is time for some winds of change. I wish you luck in further defining your feelings.

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    November 23, 2009
  • Errid Hicks-Ali
    Errid Hicks-Ali Ending of A Cycle and A Birth of a New...Everything Seems to be speeding Up! Into Nu Higher Frequencies of Consciousness(Awareness Expands yet weaves together at a greater value. Its beautiful being aware. I have found great amount of power in utilizin...  more
    November 24, 2009