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Nick Brown

Prayer for Peaceful Resolution

  • Dear Mother and Father God. You who created the heavens and the Earth. I call thee and ask for your blessings and divine peace to come over all of this situation. Let the fighting and the anger stop. Let the peace of the divine fill all of us in every way. Let us accept that which we have done wrong that we could have done better. Let us not go at those in opposition to us with any anger or malice. Let us bring your peace to this situation. Let your truth shine through all things. Let us accept that no one is perfect except for you and that is the way it should be. Grant the maturity to admit where we were wrong and apologize to others. Even if they do not apologize to us. Let the breeding ground of negative energy now be swept clean and purified in your grace. I thank you Mother and Father and know that you will do this for me. May we all live as examples of your light and love and be more willing to learn and grow and not fight against people and things that we love out of fear, frustration or anger. Blessed Be! So Mote It Be!