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Nick Brown

Angelic Work

  • Lately I have been very much into the communication and active working with the angelic powers, I find it fascinating because it came at a time when I thought I was really going to lose it do to circumstances that were completely out of my control. I had been going through a major personal shift in my emotional and physical lives and I was very anxious and worried about things that were baring down on me. I was very worried because I didn't see how things could be fixed or solved without major sacrifice and completely giving in to other more permanent solutions to what was truly a temporary problem. I recieved a book from my mother for Christmas to replace one that I had a long time ago and lost in a move. I started working the magick and doing the prayers etc. that I had done before and I am truly noticing a major difference in my way of seeing things. I would often get very upset and worry needlessly because I am a Tuarus and lord knows we don't handle change well. Lately though with the hypnosis sessions and angelic work that I have been doing the worry is more like a nudge instead of a freight train thankfully (smile). SO if there is anyone out there who needs a little help or a LOT do yourself a favor and call on the angels. You don't have to be like me and storm the heavens like I did LOL but hey it worked and so I had to tell you.

    May Mother and Father God Bless you and may the angels bring you all that you need and more in your life to be as happy, healthy, content and spiritually attuned as is right for your soul. Blessed Be!

  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin It is always gratifying to hear that someone has found/re-found the path that works best for them.

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    January 21, 2010
  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown Thanks Rev. Jeff I really appreciate your support. Blessed Be!
    January 22, 2010