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Nick Brown

Fear and Anxiety over future of this country

  • You must admit that lately things have gotten more and more unstable and crazy with almost everyone and everything lately. I am truly concerned about the structure of our government. Is it just me but does it seem a little outdated and insufficient to anyone else. Especially when it comes to basic human rights and belief structures? People are preaching freedom yet many of them also would take those freedoms from another. This hasn't just started recently I know that. I am just concerned because lately it has felt like these outdated ways of living are coming to an abrupt and somewhat violent end soon. People have said that years ago we were as a country polarized and seperate in many basic ways. Well it has become all too clear that people are not willing to budge or compromise. I offer this prayer so we all may see an end, and a peaceful one at that to the negativity that is so easily being accepted and ignored for lack of a better word. We have become so numb from many of these things that people are going to need to hit a brick wall to come out of their catatonia if something isn't done and soon. 

    Dear Mother and Father God,

    I ask that you protect us from the evil and negativity that tries so very hard and incessantly to become part of our lives. Let us be more aware of the gifts you have given us as well as the protections and powers we hold within our own selves. Let our divine sparks shine ever brighter every second of every day. Let us walk this earth in a beauty way. Let all those that seek to do harm be neutralized by your light and glory. Let no pain and suffering touch your children in any way. We crave the peace and love that you freely give. Yet it has become so masked lately by the harshness and cruelty that others have done on this earth. Let us remember our true mission and nature so we may be more successful and connected to you and your divine wisdom every day. Let us not stumble or fail in our missions. Let us recieve your strength and virtue so we may come together in times of stress and shine our lights throughout the darkness to brighten the world and defeat those that would seek to harm us. Let our warrior selves come strong and true in Spiritual grace and truth. Thank you Holy Mother and Father. I know that you will do this for us. Blessed Be!!!!!

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  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin Rev Nick,
    A very true concern and a great way of looking at it. Thank you for the message and prayer.

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    November 19, 2009