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Troy Cleveland

Power within US


    WE have within us a power that is greater than anything that we shall ever contact in the outer, a power that can overcome every obstacle in our life and set us safe, satisfied and at peace, healed and prosperous, in a new light, and in a new life.

    Mind, all Mind is right here. It is God's Mind, God's creative Power, God's creative Life. We have as much of this Power to use in our daily life as we can believe in and embody.

    The store house of nature is filled with infinite good awaiting the touch of our awakened thought to spring forth

    into manifestation in our life; but the awakening must be on our part and not on the side of life. We static! at the gateway of limitless opportunity in the eternal and change-less NOW. Now is the day in which to begin the new life that is to lift us up to the greater expression of all that is wonderful. The word that we speak is the Law of our life and nothing hinders but ourselves. We have through ignorance of our real nature misused the power of our word, and behold what it has brought upon us, "the very thing that we feared." But now it shall produce a new thing, a new heaven and a new earth.

    Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes

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  • Rev. Dr. Dean And Rev. Barbara Rose
    Rev. Dr. Dean And Rev. Barbara Rose What poped into my mind while I was reading this is the "zero-point energy" in a quantum vacuum which is 110 times more dense energy than what is in the center of the sun. If we could only harness that power! That same energy is within every atom in our b...  more
    January 22, 2010