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Troy Cleveland

Creative thought

  • Creative Thought

     I wanted to share with u the wisdom or blessings I feel good for us all . It has helped me to keep my mind focus and experience the Blessing of our Universal Spirit. This is an affirmation written by Rev. Wayne Sebra.


    Gratitude Is My Attitude

    God is Love and the very Source of my being. Infinite Presence lives in, through and all around me. it is the very breath of Life, the essence of what I am and all I do. God,s perfect work is revealed by means of me and all creation.

    Every person, place and thing is God revealing Itself in individualized expressions of the One. It's magnificence and splendor illuminate my senses and my soul. Knowing thisTruth, I feel gratitude. I am gratitude for my life, love, joy, and prosperity. Radiant health and wholeness are mine, and jubilant expressions are felt with my every thought and endeavor.Gratitude is my Attitude, and I feel it from the depth of my inner being to the expansiveness of my outer glory. Ebullientjoy fills my life to overflowing. I relish in the appreciation and gratitude of life's many gifts. My faith and trust is in God and of God. These heavenly feelings and thoughts lift me each day into greater awareness and conciousness of love.

    I am truly thankful for my attitude of gratitude, which serves me well. And so it is...

    Awakening Humanity to It's Spiritual magnificence




  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin Something to be very thankful for. Well said. :-)

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    November 16, 2009
  • Rev. Roland Kepulis
    Rev. Roland Kepulis Very appropriate with Thanksgiving coming up.

    Rev. Roland
    November 16, 2009