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Jeff Austin

Earthquake in Haiti

  • Please say a prayer for all those affected by the Haitian earthquake disaster and for those trying to assist people there that are in such need.

  • Dr. Vincent Barla
    Dr. Vincent Barla O Almighty God, have mercy on the people of Haiti who are suffering due to massive earthquake. Give your strength to everyone believers or non-believers to bear the pain and sorrow. I say " Our Father in Heaven Holy be thy name........ Amen.
    January 13, 2010
  • Philip Edwards
    Philip Edwards God Bless you Brother Austin...Our Sisters and Brothers of Haiti are in my prayers.

    Phil Edwards
    January 14, 2010
  • Reverend Doctor John Reuling Sr. of The NCO
    Reverend Doctor John Reuling Sr. of The NCO God our Father, You set the earth on its foundation. Keep the people of Haiti safe from their
    present danger and let them always feel the presence of Your love. May they be secure in
    Your protection. Help them in their present time of trouble, send ...  more
    January 13, 2010
  • Rev  Robert  Soderholm
    Rev Robert Soderholm "Father,I ask Your hand of healing upon those in Haiti who have been devastated by the earthquake and the aftershock. Release them from the suffering and pain they are enduring at this time. Allow them to fully recover and continue with their lives,which ...  more
    January 13, 2010