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Jeff Austin

Mid-Week Message: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – Attitude

  • Mid-Week Message:  The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – Attitude



    Too often we as humans like to blame someone or something else for our shortcomings.  There is always a myriad of excuses, reasons or blame that we use to throw the shortcoming on anything or anyone else.  The simple fact is that yes, sometimes intervening factors do affect what happens to us and what we do.  How we deal with those obstacles and setbacks is the true test of character.  How we conduct ourselves boils down to a simple answer: attitude.

    Do you take responsibility for your failures or shortcomings?  No one wants to be often wrong or fail at any endeavor.  When you are wrong, short of your goal or just misguided, do you ‘stand up’ and admit your mistake or do you play the blame game?

    Your attitude is a huge factor in the outcome of your endeavors and their outcomes.  Those of us that take charge of our attitudes are the people that will succeed or at the very least, learn from our mistakes and failures.  Positive attitude is contagious.  Much as a given smile will more often than not receive a smile, a positive attitude will begat positive results.  If you have faith in your higher power,(if you believe in one), and faith in yourself, then more often than not, positive results will be forthcoming.  Positive begets positive.

     Sadly, the opposite also holds true.  Negativity begets negativity.  If you play the blame game, you will always find someone to blame.  If you cannot think and reason for yourself, but function as a drone to someone else agenda, then often negative results will be obtained.  Then you look for 'why” or blame your shortcomings on ‘them’ . Whomever ‘them’ may be.  The modern Pharisee is a prime example of those who blame their woes on someone else’s failure to live according to ‘their’ standards.  The ‘my way is the only way’ crowd is another example of negativity breeding negativity.

    So maybe it is time to stop and look at ourselves.  We are all human.  We all have shortcomings.  Whether the unit of measure is internal, or external, seldom do those who see themselves as always right, exhibit anything related to a positive attitude.  Then they wonder why they are greeted with negativity.  Do you project positivity or negativity? 

    I know I prefer to live and exhibit a positive way of looking at everything I can.  Am I always successful, absolutely not.  But that is the standard I set for myself.  It is a standard that was set in my personal belief system through Jesus Christ.  He exhibited those qualities of continual positivity, even in the face of massive negativity.  He was condemned by the Pharisees of his age and religion, the Sadducees,  the puppet Hebrew rulers and The Romans.  Even on trial for his life; he refused to play the blame game, instead turning accusations against himself back on the attackers.  That is the ultimate in positivity.  Beaten, whipped and condemned, Jesus refused to play the blame game.  Near the very end, he questions what he is doing, but shows character in that he then resigned himself to his fate, as it was prophesied.

    Whether or not you are an actual Christian, there is a lesson to be learned here.  Even in the face of death, here is a man who always maintained his character, his positive attitude.  This is a minister’s network representing many faiths and belief systems.  I have no doubt that similar stories of positive attitude in the face of adversity of the severest kind, exist throughout the tales, liturgy and teachings of those faiths.

    Be positive.  You will be amazed at how successful you can be when you approach life with a positive attitude.  Leave he blame game and the dependence on others by the wayside.  Live for you and your faith.  Let the negative people have their negativity.  Keep your own attitude positive and succeed at life.