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Rev. Jeremy Cook

The Moral Imperative of Sustainability

  •  At what point do we become morally responsible for how we live our lives in relation to nature and the rest of the planet.  We continue to endorse unsustainable agriculture practices.  We are hooked on oil and other unsustainable energy sources.  We say we believe in conservation and yet we consume more resources than ever.  It is very difficult sometimes to reconcilliate our beliefs about doing what is right for the planet and our actions.  It is difficult to overcome a lifetime of advertising and addiction to the convenience of junk food.  It is difficult in real life to set aside money in the budget for cleaner cars.  It is still expensive to power our homes with renewable energy sources.  But the revolution in personal responsibility for global well being is underway.  

    Personal responsibility for global well being is the concept of living mindful of the consequences of our actions on the rest of the planet.  When we make better choices in our purchasing decisions and make the choice to live more sustainably we have a positive impact on the planet.  As ministers I believe we have the obligation to lead be our actions.  This means that we must make better choices toward sustainability and encourage others to do the same.  It means giving up Mcdonalds.  It means eating more locally produced food.  If able it means producing some of our own foods.  It means having our own herb garden for medicine and spice.  It means that we must be proactive in taking responsibility for our health.  Preventative care is much more affordable than sick care.  It means we have to give up the gallons of soda we drink.  It means giving up the junk food which kills us and negatively impacts the environment.  It means that when we make better choices they not only have a positive impact on the environment.  They also have a positive impact personally.   

    It is imperative that we begin changing the way we power our lives and the way we power our bodies.  We must lead by example.  The body is a temple and it is time to remove the trash from our temples.  We must encourage others to lead healthy sustainable lives.  It is time we use the internet to lobby our elected officials and encourage them to make better choices in sustainability.  We must have health care reform with a robust public option to ensure affordable access to health care for all of our citizens.  We must have support for climate change and renewable energy investment.  We must build a smart grid integrated with personal solar and wind energy systems and better energy storage systems.  We can become unaddicted from foreign oil.  We simply must make the choice to invest in renewable energy.

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