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Rev. Jeremy Cook



    Unite 4 human rights in Iran


    Greetings all,

    As an activist and advocate for freedom of expression and democracy, and as a technophile, I have been intrigued to watch the protests going on in Iran over the last eight months.  I was deeply saddened as the images of the last minutes of the life of a young lady named Neda streamed on my screen.  I was deeply touched and have been following and sharing since.  I stand in solidarity with the people of Iran in their bid for freedom.

    The people are spilling out in the streets to protest for their right to freedom of expression and from oppression as I write this.  It can easily be followed on Twitter by following @iranelection among others.  I will also be rebroadcasting on twitter @Ravenlaughing  A new democracy appears to be near in the Iran.  I encourage all to support the people of Iran in their bid to be free of a brutal regime interested only in maintaining absolute power.  Speak out, follow, and show support for freedom.  This is a game changer in the middle east, and global politics if the people of Iran succeed in this. 

    The people of Iran are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Blessings to them and all who stand for freedom from oppression.

    Rev. Jeremy Cook

    Solidarity With A Free Iran Blog