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Penny Ragan

Giving Thanks for our food

  • Attitude of Gratitude for our Food Resources.


    I just got done eating my delicious homemade beef stew. With just the right amount of spices and flavor, enough to give you a tantalizing Treat to Your Taste Buds. No sense in denying it I’m a good cook. I made this Scrumptious Treat out of my left over Pot Roast that I created the other day.

     While consuming this delightful meal I decided to do something I’ve been thinking about doing and haven’t done in a while.  Along with savoring the delicacy slowly while being the moment of now.  I decided with each bite I’m giving thanks to the source of the food for giving its life to me.

     You would not believe how much this “Attitude of Gratitude” makes a delectable meal even more pleasurable.

     We often tend to forget that no matter what we eat, rather animal, plant or something made of animal and or plants (bread, pasta, sauces, desserts, yogurt, cheese etc) Something living had to give of itself for this meal to be provided for you.

     Vegetarians may think of the animals whose lives were given for a meal. They often fail to remember the life that fruits and vegetables had also given to be consumed.

    You can’t consume a meal without taking a life of some sort.  Just because a plant is not built in the same form we are as animals do not mean it’s not a life, does not mean it has no feelings, and does not mean it doesn’t think.

     It is necessary for life to be given for life in order for the cycle to continue. I would rather when I am no longer in need of my physical form for its energy to be shared with whatever other energy needs it to continue the cycle of life. My physical body would be wasted if it wasn’t.  Energy is Energy it never dies it just transforms, let me reiterate because really I guess when it transforms the former form had died. Energy continues on in whatever form it transforms into.  Often in several different forms. 

     When we are consuming our meals, a ritual performed by all living things, becomes a part of transforming one form of energy to another.  Although I do believe were all interconnected as one great form of energy, we also have our individual forms. An example being my finger is separate from my toe yet both part of my body. That animal and/or plant I’ve just eaten has become part of my physical being.  For that I’m grateful that’s necessary for my physical being to continue enjoying this wonderful life.

     Therefore when we take the time out to give thanks for the food we eat because its form of energy had been given or sacrificed to replenish our form.  In doing so it gave the substance necessary to continue on for a while longer.  It helps us gain a greater appreciation for what we eat. In doing so hopefully giving our food the respect and dignity it deserves. Perhaps with this in mind we will learn to “eat to live not live to eat” as with appreciation of our food we would not eat more than we need or waste it.

     When you think about it if we took the time to appreciate and recognize the wondrous gifts given to us on a daily bases, How could we not be truly happy and enjoy life? 

     I don’t care how poor or how rich you are, the greatest movements often are the simplest ones. A beautiful Spring Morning, the sound of the birds singing, the smile or laughter of a child. The warmth of the sun, the pleasure of releasing and the pleasure of Sex, I can go on and on.

     Wouldn’t food be even a greater pleasure to us if we took the time to appreciate the gift?  If we just would recognize the amazing gift of life given for us to consume and enjoy.  “The Gift of Life”, “Wow”, it takes on more than one meaning.  Our gift of life continues because the gift of life was given each and everyday. Hum think about it.  Sincerely Penny J Ragan.