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Roberta "Josephine" Nelson

Life's Slippery Slope for Dip or Dope? Nope!?


    Lifes Slippery Slope for Dip or Dope? Nope!?
    Current mood: alt creative
    I’m happy with glee to know God doesn’t fail to exist
    Just because some choose to refuse and resist
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge not college
    It’ll help you avoid false doctrines leading to eternal coffins
    Being pure is the cure, it’ll enable you to endure, that’s for sure
    The devil is a rebel he won’t settle with Heavy Mettle
    He’s in our churches teaching curses, telling lies turning people into fries
    He’s in our preachers telling fornicators, gays and lesbians God loves’em
    Just the way they are get born again then God simply won’t see their sin
    He doesn’t really cleanse you from within and give you victory over all sin
    He will bless you, even if you’re greedy and stealing from the needy
    Tellin’em the answer to cancer is to give regardless of how they live
    They’re given false protection with the promise of eternal Salvation
    Tellin’em to ignore their guilt and condemnation
    Failin to tell’em God made’em a new creation not intended to use their bodies fornication
    Reality is you’re not in just because you’re born again
    All sin leads to eternal damnation don’t be fooled listen to me and save the nation
    Turn away from sin to God Before your body hits the sod
    For then it’ll be too late for you to enter into that golden gate
    Which Way?  Curse God? or Pray?

    by Sista Josee aka Roberta J
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  • Roberta "Josephine" Nelson
    Roberta "Josephine" Nelson Thank you. Trust it will edify, equip and encourage those who read it in whatever ways they may need it or be able to receive it. God's word not only encourages us but it also convicts us and through Jesus empowers us to grow and overcome!
    November 23, 2009