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Matthew James

The Darkness



         From the Exp. that I have gathered over the years, I find that a great many people in this world are a little more than afraid of the Darkness!  They consider it to be evil or where the demons and devils live.  Well, that may be true in some regards, though if you look at it from the point of being a learning exp. I do not see anything to fear.  I believe that you cannot attain any form of true enlightenment with out first facing the dark.  It is all around us, penetrates everything we see and do here on this plain.  The Gods are neither good nor evil, but a combonation of both all at once!  Just think of it as going into a battle of whits un-armed.  We would not want to do such a thing.  Therefore how can we be enlightened, if we do not know all that is out there and only studay one aspect?  We could not.  I am not telling anyone to go worship the devil, or what ever dak forces you believe in, (unless you want to)  but know your faith(all of it) and know what other devine beings are involved.