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Greta Ramey

A Preachers Kid/ Rebal

  • Well growning up my Father was a Southern Old Reg. Baptist Preacher very old school where you couldnt wear make up or pants and women didnt preach but as I got older and started to get wild and finally got married I said I have enough of church cause we went every where you could think of I hated it back then. My father well we was the first to church and the last to leave but any way I remember a time when some kin folk of my we would get in a back of a pick up truch and we would play church and I didnt know it then but I do now God was getting me ready for being a pastor and I rememeber when I was little I use to talk to God and ask Why am I here it be better if I wasnt all I remember is that God said I have bigger plans for you. I still didnt undestand then as I do not but I went on and got a in to trouble and a fail married which was nothing but cheating on my part I wasnt a good woman back then I use some drugs and got in drinking and got two dui's and send a weekend in Jail and found a good friend in there that knew God thank God for that, still I didnt think got love me or that I was worthy of hius love until my xpartner which was my lesiban lover for about 10years we have found God again together and she help me pray that sinners prayer and said thats all you have to do is believe and I still had trouble excepting it  and I still went back and fourth with being gay and all but I always stay true to God and told him I love you and I love women and just help me be the person you want me to be and this is where we are now I am now a pastor and single and yes still a lesiban and I am happy  with that. Now I must say my mother before she pass didnt like that was going to be a preacher and my dad doesnt like it either cause the way they believe is woman dont preach but thats ok I am doing God's work not theres but thats is where I am today I am a fine Beauiful, Bold Strong woman and I hope my daughter grows up to respect her self and other and her mother so far not to bad she is my rock besides God then her and everyone else last. God Bless family and friends and pastors.  Must say one more thing my brother and sister are awesome with me being who I am and they and my m other and father love me no less.

    Rev G or Rev Greta

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    Universal Life Church This is a great story. A lot of us here at ULCM come from churches we grew away from, only to follow our own path based on our own conscience. It shows you how important it is to listen to yourself. Anecdotes are often the most vivid and illustrative in s...  more
    February 10, 2010