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Dream Catcher's/Child Abuse


    I felt the need to post this.  In life we go on as if  things of this nature are not happening or unheard of.  It is sad when we think of these things but in reality we are experiencing evil in such a way and most of us never think it will happen to one of our loved ones.

    We face many other immoral factors in relationship to abuse in our world.  I know most of us only want to live in a world of happiness and only hear of happy things, so do I.  Unfortunately, in pretending these things do not exist or failing to teach ourselfs and our loved ones about our fallen world in which the book of Ephesians talks about (Wholeness for a Broken World) is ever-so devestating in lack of knowledge on the people of our nation.  If it wasn't,  we wouldn't have a world full of such malice hate, and immoral misconduct in this society in which we dwell.

    My educational backround is in the field of child Phycology.  In addition, my work backround was 12-years working with the most intellent of physicians, ranging in phycology as well as surgical, pain management, physical thereapy, heart surgery, and orthopedic worker's comp surgery,  working for the most well known hospitals in our country.

    The other half of my working years were in the field of managing commercial and non-commercial management, serving as a manager.

    My studies with the Lord are geared in spiritual healing, spiritual warfare, and spiritual family curses in breaking family curses.  I know for some of you that are not biblical inclined in knowledge and strenght, this sounds scary or evil.  Let me give a quick example:  breaking curses handed down from family generations is how we came to be in our state of human habitat of being, teaching human behavior has been handed down from generation to generation.   These curses are inherited from our family heritages.  This is what a curse means. 

    Which is why I teach and send out messages on parenting, and other phycological diolog in relationship to human growth and educational biblical knowledge.  To me, the bible has proven to be true in regards to the birth and the defects in human nature.  My Lord has guided my intellectual sight and spirit to the correct nature of human error and holds truth in correction.

    Below is the message shared by:  Dream Catcher's

    I belong to another network and deal with many support groups.  This article below is from a network I support called "DreamCatcher's", this is a child abuse/molestation site. 

    Some of the videos are devestating, and the articles that are shared are heartbreaking.  Videos not included in this message.

    If you are a parent, plan to be a parent, the need to be fully aware and educuted in every aspect of raising a child or living as a human being should be our role in morality and  a respectful conduct in order to raise up a healthy nation. 

    The bible tells us in:

    Matthew 19:14


     14Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

    Anyone who hinders a child's spiritual growth will have a heavy price to pay.

    In  Psalm 127:3 


     3 Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
           children a reward from him.

    The fruit of the spirit, God speaks to us and delivers mighty messages to educate our spiritual growth.

    In  2 Thessalonians 3

    Request for Prayer

     1Finally, brothers, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you. 2And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men, for not everyone has faith. 3But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one. 4We have confidence in the Lord that you are doing and will continue to do the things we command. 5May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perseverance.

    Philippians 1:9-11 


     9And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, 10so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, 11filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—to the glory and praise of God.

    Matthew 7:15-23 


    A Tree and Its Fruit
     15"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

     21"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' 23Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

    We are the fruit of life this is what God is speaking about.  And we do need to be aware of even people we think we know.

    Much in todays society we are are falling into the trap of men and are blindly ignoring all the signs of the world thinking it will never happen to us or our children.   

    We are leaders of our own destiny, leaders of our children, leaders of God's will.  Education is the most promising tool you can feed your spirit.

    Please read below the message from "DreamCatcher's"

    Saturday, July 25, 2009


    CAUTION: Some people who have molested or plan to molest a child exhibit no observable behavior pattern that would be a clue to their future actions.

    Persons who molest children:
      Are aware, in many cases, of their preference for children before they reach age 18. Most offenders are adult males, but some women also molest children.
      Are usually married. A small number never marry and maintain a lifelong sexual and emotional interest in children.
      May relate better to children than adults and may feel more comfortable with children and their interests.
      May have few close adult friends.
      Usually prefer children in a specific age group.
      Usually prefer one gender over the other, however, some are bisexual in their preference.
      May seek employment or volunteer opportunities with programs involving children in the preferred victim age group for this type of offender.
      Pursue children for sexual purposes and may feel emotionally attached to the extent that emotional needs are met by engaging in relationships with children. Example: An adult man spends time with neighbor children or relatives and talks at length about his feelings for them or his own feelings of loneliness or loss in order to get the child's sympathy.
      Often photographs or collects photographs of their victims, dressed, nude, or involved in sexual acts.
      May collect child erotica and child-adult pornography which may be used in the following ways:
      a. To lower the inhibitions the victims.
      b. To fantasize when no potential victim is available.
      c. To relive past sexual activities.
      d. To justify their inappropriate sexual activities.
      e. To blackmail victims to keep them from telling.
      May possess alcohol or narcotics and furnish them to their victims to lower inhibitions or gain fear.
      Talk with children in ways that equalize their relationship.
      May talk about children in the same manner as one would talk about an adult lover or partner.
      May seek out organizations and publications that support his sexual beliefs and practices.
      May offer to baby-sit or take children on trips in order to manipulate situations to sleep with or near children or bathe or dress them.
      May be seen at parks, playgrounds or places frequented by children or teenager.
    INCEST OFFENDERS - Sexually abuse their own children but can also abuse other relatives and neighbors. They can be sexually attracted to children or offend because they are seeking intimate contact with another person regardless of relationship, age or vulnerability. Some don't understand and others don't care that they are hurting the child.
      Most have multiple victims both inside and outside of their immediate family.
      Some abuse both boys and girls in various age groups.
      Most appear normal and demonstrate no noticeable pathology.
      Few have criminal records.
      Most report that they were repeatedly able to talk family and friends out of reporting them and continued to offend.
      Many are likely to re-offend without treatment
    PEDOPHILES - Are adults who are sexually attracted to children and have a primary or strong interest in children. They offend children because they desire sexual contact with children.
      Most hold responsible jobs and frequently align themselves with reputable organizations, sports leagues and churches.
      They may work or volunteer with children.
      They are likely to be single or live with their parents or have a dysfunctional marriage.
      Some appear socially inhibited while others can be extremely charming.
      Many target pre-pubescent boys.
      Most do not have a criminal record.
      Most have molested many children before they are effectively reported to law enforcement.
      The majority are likely to re-offend.
    As noted above, offenders can be categorized by the way in which they gain access to victims. The majority of molesters abuse children they are related to or have regular access to by virtue of their position as a parent, step-parent, mother's boyfriend, uncle, grandfather, neighbor, babysitter and so on. They frequently molest children both in and outside of the home and can abuse girls as well as boys. Because of family ties, close friendships and long-term relationships, people sometimes have a hard time believing these people are guilty and fail to report them to the police. It is always hard to turn a loved one in but it is something even the offender needs to have happen.
    Another common group of offenders includes the molesters who work or volunteer in settings where they can purposefully obtain regular access to children. This group includes coaches, teachers, Boy Scout leaders, ministers/priests, school bus drivers, day care providers and other people whose professions or community service puts them in contact with children. Like the first group, these people molest boys and girls and usually offend many children before they get caught. Their profession or the appearance of altruism makes it harder for people to believe they are capable of these crimes. They can be some of the slickest and most charming people we know and, because of this, people fail to believe they are guilty and, again fail to report them to police. When people finally discover that they have molested dozens of children, they are shocked. There are also adult offenders who may not fit in the above groups but still abuse children. This group includes exhibitionists who expose to children, "computer travelers" who contact and solicit children over the Internet and child pornographers. Some of these people exploit and abuse children in a variety of ways. They are our neighbors, friends and relatives. Some are loners, while others look just like the above groups. Females account for ten to twenty percent (10-20%) of child molesters.

    Why Do Adults Molest Children?
    Most child molesters abuse children for a number of reasons. The two most common reasons are: a) a sexual interest/preference for children and b), a belief system that encourages, allows and supports sexual contact with children. In other words, child molesters are sexually aroused to children and do not understand or care that sexual contact between adults and children is harmful to the child. Some molesters mistakenly believe that they are showing love and affection to the child. Nonetheless, the vast majority know that what they are doing is wrong and illegal and do their best to keep their offenses a secret. Secrecy enables them to continue abusing children and to avoid rejection, prosecution and incarceration.

    Many offenders become expert liars, even to the point of convincing well-meaning adults that the child was "mistaken" or "confused" about what happened. Even worse, some molesters convince other adults that the child made it up or lied. When the number of separate sexual crimes committed by the average child molester is compared to the low rate of reporting among child victims, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that children rarely mis-perceive, make up or lie about being sexually abused. If a child says he or she has been molested, the probability is high that it really happened and was probably more frequent and invasive than the child reported. Also, the odds are high that we all know at least one or two child molesters and don.t even know it.

    Why do Molesters Abuse Certain Children?
    Molesters abuse children they are sexually and emotionally attracted to, children they feel are vulnerable and needy, and children they feel that they can control and manipulate into keeping the abuse a secret.

    How Do Molesters Keep Children From Telling?
    Most child molesters are in a position of trust and are usually able to molest children in a manner that undermines the child's ability to accurately perceive the behavior as abusive or report them. Most molesters are also able to convince other adults that "it never happened" or that "the child misunderstood". When they are successful, they obstruct children and adults from reporting them to law enforcement and are able to continue molesting children even longer. So, it's very important to understand how they manipulate both children and adults.

    After the offender has selected a child to molest, the offender begins to develop a close relationship with the child and his/her family. If the offender is a parent or someone the child depends on, it's very easy to manipulate the situation and repeatedly molest the child without getting caught. If the offender is in a position of trust or authority, (as is the case with teachers, coaches and priests who molest) the offender may pay special attention to the child, take them places, buy them gifts or give them extra support and encouragement. They also might threaten the child to keep them quiet.
    After the offender starts to develop the relationships, he/she may begin to isolate the child from his/her family and friends. This may include fueling conflicts within the family, alienating the child from friends or family or simply being available to "help out" with babysitting, special outings, rides home, etc. Molesters also test and desensitize children by telling dirty jokes, talking about sexual things and engaging in non-sexual physical contact like back-rubs, wrestling, hugging and horseplay. This behavior generally starts long before the sexual touching starts and serves to normalize contact and trust. The increased physical relationship and intimate talk between the child and offender makes it easier for the offender to introduce sexual behavior into the relationship. If the child's parent has been present when some of the close physical contact or joking has occurred, it also makes the child think it must be ok.
    Another thing that interferes with children's ability to tell is that many children don't even know that the contact has changed and is becoming increasingly intimate and sexual. Some offenders try to make it feel good to the child because they know if they hurt or scare the child, they are more likely to tell. Also, children become fearful that they will get into trouble for not telling sooner and become increasing guilt ridden about what is happening. Offenders know these things and caution children that they "will get in trouble too" if they tell.
    Some offenders are so good at developing dependent relationships that their victims feel obligated and may even feel protective of the offender. This phenomenon is especially pronounced when the offender is a parent, relative, admired family friend, teacher, coach or priest. Some offenders choose careers or volunteer with youth organizations because they like children and these settings provide increased access and control over children. It is extremely important to remember that offenders spend time and energy manipulating children into cooperating with the abuse and keeping it a secret. Some of them spend hours and hours thinking about what they will say if a child ever tells on them. Because they have been engaged in a covert behavior, sometimes for many years at a time, they have usually become very skilled at lying and manipulating people and situations.

    Protecting Your Children From Sexual Abuse
    No one wants to have to tell their children about sexual abuse. On the other hand, do you want your child to learn about it from a molester?
      Talk openly with your children about sexual development, behavior and abuse.
      Use proper or semi proper names for body parts (penis and vagina), and phrases like; private parts are "private and special".
      Tell your children that, if anyone touches or tries to see their private parts, tries to get them to touch or look at another person's private parts, shows them pictures of or tries to take pictures of their private parts, talks to them about sex, walks in on them in the bathroom or does anything that makes them feel uncomfortable to tell you or a support person as soon as they can or the next time they see you.
      Tell your children that some children and adults have "touching problems". These people can make "secret touching" look accidental and they should still tell you even if they think it might have been an accident.
      Tell your children that touching problems are kind of like stealing or lying and that the people who have those kinds of problems need special help so they don't continue to have problems or get into trouble.
      Tell your children that some people try to trick kids into keeping the touching a secret.
      Give your children examples of things that someone might use to try to get them to keep it a secret; candy, money, special privileges, threats, subtle fear of loss, separation or punishment etc.
      Tell your children that touching other people's private parts is not ok for children to do or for adults to do with children. Tell them that you do not want them to do "secret touching" with other people but that you will not be mad at them if they do come and tell you it has happened. Even if it has been happening a lot.
      Make sure they have support people they can talk to at home, at school, in their neighborhood or church.
      If your child tells you that he or she has been touched inappropriately, stay calm. Your reaction may make your child feel more guilty or afraid and they might have a harder time talking about what happened.
      Tell your child you are glad they told you about it. Telling was a good way to take care of themselves and also, the person who touched them. That person needs help with their "touching problem". Tell your child that you will take care of things. Tell your child that you will need to talk to someone to figure out what to do next. Be careful to not make promises you can't keep.
      Seek support and comfort for yourself where the child can't see or hear what you say. In order to avoid confusion, anxiety or guilt, children should not overhear conversations about their disclosure. Too much information/discussion can also interfere with the police investigation or prosecution.
      Call your local child abuse hotline or local police department and report the abuse. Failing to report the abuse as soon as possible may mean that other children might get abused too. Don't try to handle the situation yourself.
      The prognosis for healing after being molested is better for children who are supported and believed when they disclose.
      Don't allow any further contact between your child and the alleged offender. Don't confront the offender yourself.
      Age, friendliness, shyness, good manners, naivety, curiosity, or isolation.
      Living in a single parent home.
      Drug or alcohol abuse by parents.
      Parental illness or emotional unavailability.
      Severe marital conflict or domestic violence in the home.
      Living in a home with a stepfather or a mother's boyfriend.
      Previous abuse.
      Having an unemployed father or parents that work different shifts.
      Parents who are sexually preoccupied, use pornography or have pornography in the home.
      Inadequate parental supervision of children.
      Adults who seem preoccupied with children.
      Single adults who work or volunteer with children's clubs/activities.
      Adults who work with children and also frequently spend their free time doing "special" things with kids.
      Adults who spend time volunteering with youth groups who do not have children in those groups.
      Adults who seem to engage in frequent contact with children, i.e., casual touching, caressing, wrestling, tickling, combing hair or having children sit on their lap.
      Adults who act like children with children or who allow children to do questionable or inappropriate things.
      Adults who want to take your children on special outings too frequently or plan activities that would include being alone with your child.
      Adults who do not have children and seem to know too much about the current fads or music popular with children.
      Adults that your children seem to like for reasons you don't understand.
      Adults who seem able to infiltrate family/social functions or are "always available" to watch your kids.
      Please note, not all offenders will demonstrate the above characteristics.


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