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Rev. Marilyn J. Hart

Cloning of Humans


    Cloning of Humans

    Is it morally right for scientists to clone human beings? Whether or not cloning of humans can be done successfully, the question remains as to whether it would be morally right to even attempt it. Please consider the following Bible principles as applied to this question.

    God created a proper way for human beings to reproduce. 

    In the beginning God created man and woman and told them to reproduce (Gen. 1:26-28). This was to be done within a Scriptural marriage of a man and his wife, since the sexual union is morally proper only within marriage (Gen. 2:18-24; Heb. 13:4; 1 Cor. 7:2-9). By restricting the sexual union to marriage, God assured that any children conceived would have a family (father and mother) to raise the child (Gen. 2:24; Eph. 6:1-4).

    Cloning is a different means of reproduction from what God ordained. It does not involve a man and his wife reproducing by the means God ordained. That would seem to make it, in general, a violation of God's intent. It changes what God authorized to something that He did not authorize (see Prov. 3:5,6; 14:12; Jer. 10:23; 2 John 9; Matt. 15:9; Col. 3:17; etc.). Perhaps someone could come up with specific circumstances that would need to be considered further. Yet these Bible principles surely must be considered. But now consider further Bible principles.

    Why would anyone want to clone humans? 

    The reasons for cloning include a way for lesbians and homosexuals to reproduce, since their sexual practices are inherently sterile. This is clearly sinful, because homosexuality is sinful (1 Cor. 6:9-11; Rom. 1:24-27). Further, it would produce a child that did not have a morally proper family to raise it. This too violates God's plan for children (see verses above). 

    Likewise, any form of cloning would be wrong if it was not intended for the child to be the legitimate offspring of its male father married to the child's female mother. For example, if an unmarried man or woman sought to produce a cloned child, that would violate God's plan for a child to be raised by its married mother and father. Other such scenarios would be wrong for the same reason.

     All cloning involves deliberate abortion of human beings. 

    The process of cloning involves taking a female egg, removing the female chromosomes from it, and replacing them with the complete set of chromosomes from the human being who is being cloned. The egg is then placed in the womb of a woman to grow to maturity. But as soon as the chromosomes are placed in the egg, a new human is "conceived." That is what human reproduction is: the formation of fertilized egg cell, which is capable of growing in a mother's womb as a separate individual from its mother or father. The cloned egg cell is capable of growing as a separate individual from the person from whom it was cloned. It is no longer part of his/her body, nor is it part of the body of the woman in whose womb it is implanted. It is a separate individual from the moment of cloning. (An important side point is that cloning, if ever accomplished, would prove once and for all that the life in a mother's womb is a separate individual from the mother -- for this individual would not even have come from the mother!)

    Why do all the above facts matter? For the simple reason that the cloning process (as done now in animals) involves numerous "rejects." When an egg is "fertilized" by cloning, it is often found to be imperfect or otherwise unacceptable, so it is "discarded" -- i.e., killed, aborted, murdered. This is done repeatedly, in all cases of "cloning," until an acceptable individual is achieved and implanted. This means that, if scientists experiment in cloning humans, they will necessarily abort dozens (probably hundreds) of humans before they ever succeed. And even if the cloning process is developed and improved, every attempted cloning will still involve discarding human beings! This is what is wrong with all forms of "test-tube babies." Hence, cloning is inherently sinful for all the reasons that deliberate abortion of humans is sinful.