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Rev. Julie Black

Has Science or Faith helped humanity more?

  • Recently I was going throught the polls, and happened upon on in particular poll that asked which had served humanity better or more, Science or Faith.

    And someone answered this question better than I could myself, yet summing everything I was feeling and thinking about the subject. That is not a common occurance. I wanted to create a blog more for the fact of saving that gem of an insight., than to actually "put it out there" to be read. And here it is;

    I would have to agree that religion does not prove the existence or non-existence of God. I would also point out that science does not prove the existence or non-existence of God, nor does science have an answer for where or what created the gases that started their Big Bang Theory.

    I will also agree that terrible things have been done in the name of God by man, just as millions have been killed by man with the use of science. These are the actions of men, not God or science. Science has proved today that many things science proved 500 years ago to be correct, are actually wrong, just as I'm sure; as man searches for the truth, science will continue to evolve.

    True science leaves all possibilities open in search or truth.

    Science and faith have benefited and hurt mankind, but in actuality it has not been faith or science, its been man's ego, greed and lust that has done these things.

    Science has made our lives easier, Faith has comforted him, Man has corrupted them both.

    Instead of looking for ways to argue the subject we should be looking for ways they can both get along.

    ~Rev Robert Fuller