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Rev. Julie Black

Attacking other beliefs is not uncommon unfortunately...

  • Attacking doesn't = heated healthy debates or discussions.

    There seems to be a concept that is a bit confusing as far as some people are concerned. And it is in their belief that there is no god, so therefore there is no ethical laws that should be... or need be followed. Nor any real meaning to (their?) life. Or maybe it's that they have some deep understanding of religion that most of us just do not "get" and maybe that is when becomes an obsession to educate the rest of us of our sins until we accept the only truth, their truth? Saying that, I want to make one thing very clear, I can pretty much accept and roll with most people and their belief systems, as long as they are positive, and cause no harm.

    I am not so much shocked to discover today that some ministers on this site are being attacked for their belief systems. It's unfortunate, but there are "bad apples" in every barrel I suppose.

    I could sit here and pass judgment, and condemn them very easily. But instead I choose to empathize with what may have gotten them to a state of being that they feel it is ok to verbally attack and abuse others, and very maliciously at times I might add.

    But that is the only quarter I will give them. Because that behavior I find almost disgusting, if not hypocritical. No matter whom it comes from.

    In my opinion it is one thing to understand and empathize with them, but another to allow their continued behavior (towards yourself in a discussion) without calling them to the mat. For example I refuse to debate with someone that cusses, name calls, abuses, and is hypocritical. In my opinion there is a very low probability that your going to make any headway with anyone that is displaying this kind of behavior, and there are so many other wonderful people here to have deep, positive, thought provoking conversations with. With people that did not sign up with the sole purpose to harass others about a subject matter that they have obvious issues with. I am not saying than anyone with this type of behavior signed up for that reason, but it does make me seriously wonder.

    *& no I am not implying that most of these people are hard core, pink unicorn atheists, some are very troubled religious folks as well.

    There was a point in my life where I would have stubbornly argued with these individuals hoping to enlighten them or to even maybe show them that it was 'ok' for other people to have other belief systems that aren't inline with their own without having to get obsessed, angry, or abusive about it.

    It was admirable, and still is for those that have hope and pursue this kind of discourse with people in that frame of mind. So I don't look down on these people at all, they are just in a different place, and might have different (hopefully positive) motives to keep engaging in a conversation with these types of negative individuals.

    But you have to ask yourself this, -if- you come away from these kinds of (attacking) discussions, drained, upset, hurt, angry, frustrated shouldn't there be a point where you ask yourself if this is something you need to step back from? Not because they won, or they have the last word (for the moment), or because you cannot effectively get your view across. Because, truth be told you may eloquently get your point across 100 times with them, but if someone is being intellectually dishonest, they will never admit any change in opinion, even if there was a miniscule change by something you said to them.

    I guess my point is, The person that is attacking certainly isn't in a place that (in the least) cares how this attacking behavior makes you feel, (or maybe) they are even crafting his or her bullying responses to make you feel bad! So don't you have a responsibility to take care of yourself just like in a physically abusive relationship? Or to maintain and service your own smile, positive attitude and healthy outlook for the rest of us (positive) humans to enjoy?

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