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Paul Germana

The Elect One

  • Ministers of the world, I invite you to receive eternal life of the body. I know it sounds crazy, but so does all religion. Finding true balance; understanding that one is a star, keeping north ever up and south ever down, one begins to transcend time space, preserving the body as they grow into the bowel of eternity. The Holy Spirit was once referred to as the Flower Of Life; (or the flowering of existence) and the ancients restored that 'flowering' in the River Of Life. The very contemplation of that flowering is the very Flower Itself! 

    Lye down for one hour, with thine head pointing north focus your attention from the top of your head to your chest. (Ra, the solar plexus to be specific) Then for one more hour, lye down with your head pointing south and concentrate your attention from your solar plexus to your feet. Try to relax and stay focused on the body and it's regeneration. I like to do cleansing breaths! This person who does this will live on in Life, and they are the elect ones!


    There is another requirement for understanding; this involves invoking the seven spirits of God and transmuting any personal darkness into the Light Of God. This is found in the tablet titled The Key Of Magic. (understanding intent) We must walk a path in this matter and it is laid out in The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean. I always recommend reading Tablet Thirteen first, yet one should seek to understand all The Keys Of Wisdom, only found on the Masters Path ~ 

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