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Natasha Sol

A "Love Experiment" Reflection

  • It's been a week since some friends and I embarked on a 3-day journey last Friday, called "The Love Experiment", inspired by John Randolph Price's, The Love Book. I have to admit that my experience didn't manifest quite like the fluffy, LUV bunny fest like I envisioned it would be (imagine that!) but it was certainly an eye opener none-the-less. It proved to be for me one profound realization after another, thus deepening my awareness and capacity to Love unconditionally.

    My most prominent realization was how often I would "curse" someone/something with my default (non-aware), negative judgement/vibration about whatever it was that I was observing. For example, a person cutting me off in traffic, the disobedience of a dog or a frowning, grumpy person would set me off in a brief swirl of judgemental thoughts & emotion of irritation or annoyance. When I began to realize how often these mini-sagas of "passing negative judgement" was occurring within myself, it was a quite shocking and extremely humbling account to become aware of, as I believe myself to be a loving person most of the time.

    It also offered a bit more intrigue to the experiment. I became enticed to use these little opportunities to remain as mindfully aware as possible and to test my theory on whether or not "sending love energy" would have an immediate effect on myself and those persons/things around me. Indeed, it was during those simple scenarios in daily life, which usually involved strangers rather than loved ones, that I got the most practice out of choosing to Love and witnessed immediate, beneficial effects in doing so.

    The most prominent scenario that comes to mind is when I witnessed a conversation between a couple. As I sat quietly trying not to listen, I caught myself having judgemental thoughts about the critical words being tossed about and the energy of accusation & defensiveness between the two. I was doing EXACTLY what I was judging them for doing! HA! I felt the tension in my body and a tightness in my belly. At that point, I took in a slow, conscious breath andsilently whispered these words...

    "I am love. I am loved. I am loving.
    Source, please help me to see these Souls as You do and
    help me to love as You do."

    As a feeling of Love energy rose from my belly up into my heart, I opened my mind's eye & visualized a bubble of light coming out from my heart and surrounding the pair. I felt my heart space expand and my arms & face slightly tingled with a warm sensation.

    Within the next sentence of their conversation,
    the tone in the woman's voice softened.
    Within the next THREE sentences, the woman said to her partner,
    "I don't want to argue with you...I love you."


    The energy within the room (and in my body) almost instantly shifted from an agitated, tense state to a more relaxed, easy one. (& it felt sooo much BETTER!)

    It was the most immediate & powerful response I had witnessed.
    And all it took was a few seconds to shift my perspective to Love and send it out.
    Without saying a word.

    Imagine what our lives would be like if we only chose to Love more often.
    Imagine what the WORLD would be like if we only chose to Love more often.

    "If you would only choose to Love more, all limitations in your life would vanish."
    ~John Randolph Price

  • Rosa Ayala Perez, M.Ed.
    Rosa Ayala Perez, M.Ed. How great is LOVE!?! I thank you for sharing this with us and I too will try to stop and think positive, non-judgmental thoughts.
    February 21, 2010
  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin Nice and good food for thought and practice.

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    February 20, 2010