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James Spencer

A Valentines gift from God

  • On Sunday 2/7/2010 I was visiting my Mother-in-law's church and the pastor asked everyone to pray in place. So I closed my eyes and asked God for an amplifier for my bass guitar. I asked as a child would ask his rich parents for something he or she felt they needed. You know how kids are. I believed that it would come to past.

    That next Thursday 2/11/2010 we had the largest snowstorm in Texas history dumping 12.5 inches of snow and knocked out our power along with a lot of other people. The cold finally forced my wife and I to seek shelter elsewhere. My mother-in-law's power was out as well. My wife’s brother opened his door to use and his mother and let us stay with him. It was nice to have so much family around in a time of need.

    Sunday 2/14/2010 I thanked God for giving us someplace to go and asked that he let me and my wife have our power back on so we could have valentines day together at home. As I was driving around looking at all the damage I felt a strong urge to go to a certain pawnshop. It was strange because Pawn shops normally over charge and never have good deals. In fact I have distaste for them. However that is where I felt a strong urge to go. I knew it was God. Now booming voice. Just a good feeling.

    I found the amp I wanted. It was perfect for a small to medium church and it was less than $60.00. Just needed some electrical tape on two wires and it would be good to go. I got the amp a week from when I asked for it. As I was on my way back to show it to my family I got a call from a neighbor who said the power was back on. I rushed home and it was. I went back and picked up my wife and we went home and praised God for the answered prayers.

    As bad as the snow was, it we had not lost power I would not have been near that pawnshop, I would have been at church. So the power outage put my in the right place at the right time. I learned that even in the worst of times good things happen.

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  • Natasha Sol
    Natasha Sol God ALWAYS hears & answers our prayers.
    That's why my prayers always begin with "Thank You".

    "I learned that even in the worst of times good things happen."
    Whenever I am facing a less-than-desirable situation, I always remind myself that so...  more
    February 17, 2010