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William Or Asian Wil Steele

a reason i dislike some christian preachers

  • not too long ago some one important to my wife had passed

    now its been a few days since then

    this person use to go to a church and the person who preach was brother greg

    now brother greg waited a week or two to let some people know this person had pass

    even though he knew about it before it even happen

    thats not my prob

    my prob is this person had a church friend never really saw each other but there

    and brother greg knew this

    now when he took the time to call this person to let him know that dude passed

    he stated

    "well if you came to church more you would know about these things when they happen"

    such bad taste i tell you

    how dare he use that mans death and friendship in guilt-ing some one into going to church

    what is he short on a new car payment just bad taste

    i remeber another time a friend had passed

    was like 3 -4 years back bad accident something that could have not happen if they thought it through

    but at the wake/funeral we did not hear about my friend we did not hear about how he will be missed

    all we heard about was how to become a good christian

    made me so sick i had to leave and go out side

    this in turn made me lose face and made me feel very ashamed at my miss-conduct

    but knowing my friend like i did he would have been sick at how the preacher was acting

    just bad fucking taste i tell you