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William Or Asian Wil Steele

cannabis in my sanctuary

  • in my sanctuary



    cannabis is used in helping one gain enlightment

    it is also used in calming a troubled mind

    or in helping people with the mourning of a lost love one

    we do not believe in abusing cannabis

    but in protecting it

    the sale of cannabis is forbiden in my church

    the holy plant is not for sell when in search of spiritual enlightenment



    feels this would dirty ones search

    out side of the


    we believe in following are goverment's laws

    although we do believe of cannabis many uses

    we do not feel its right to break the law to find enlightenment through cannabis out side of church

    we do support finding enlightenment where ever one finds it but until the laws are changed we believe the


    will act as a safe haven for ones searching for enlightenment through the holy plant cannabis

     we do support its people in trying to change the law

    we do support its medical use

    and we do support its use as a cash crop for food and textile

    and until the law is changed all we can do is support from afar