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William Or Asian Wil Steele

my view on death

  • my churchs view on death

    well wish i could say there is a heaven

    the idea of heaven makes no sence to me

    so i cant really believe into it

    now i do believe that when a person dies we get recycled back into the earth

    (this also works with my human race evolving thing with different planets and recycling with them but thats a whole other blog)

    are energy goes off and becomes energy for something else

    and are carbon are mass gets recycled and used in the making of other new things

    i mean nothing is really gone

    it becomes the soil the food the flesh

    its a flowing river of life in all its form

    i believe that the me

    you know me right here typing this blog me  ME just comes to an end

    its kind of depressing

    then i think that there is a whole other me(i know it wont be me me but something coming from my recycling and iam holding on to it so na na boo boo) about to happen

    i wonder what that would be

    it would be nice to be part of a tree

    you might ask why are we in such a cycle

    "fuck me i have no clue"

    would be my answer

    so i guess this would be my church views on death