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William Or Asian Wil Steele

view on bith control and sex ed

  • my churchs view on birth control and sex education

    birth control is the best

    condoms pills shots what ever is all gravy to me

    kids are great and everything but its not great to have a kid when one is not ready i think

    iam not saying every one should just go out and get the pill and some condoms and have a orgy

    i just like having birth control as an option

    sexual abstinence is the safest way really

    but if you dont follow that path then we should be able to have other options to safe guard are selves

    and i believe sex ed should be taught to pre-teens before they hit puberty

    there is so many scary things out there that many teens just dont know about

    they learn most of it from friends

    and come on if the friends dont know then they dont learn shit

    sex ed should not be a taboo subject it should be second nature

    that way people would not feel ashamed about getting std checks

    its a scary concept that so many out in this world are spreading a std with out even knowing it

    so to re-cap

    birth control = good

    sex education = good