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William Or Asian Wil Steele

view on abortion

  • my church's stand on abortion

    iam so Pro-choice

    have been all my life

    so goes with out saying my church is Pro-choice

    so i state it here and now

    the church of "The Seed of Life & The Leaves of Healing" stands behind Pro-choice

    a few reasons

    A. some people for health reasons should not have a baby it would just kill them

    B. crack whores and babies dont mix i think

    C. A.I.D.s infested crack whores "hell i think they should have their tubes tied"

    D. Rape victims

    E. incest victims

    F. being too damn young

    G. affordability iam not saying a baby comes along and it upsets your budget i mean like if you got 3-5 kids already and you are living off the goverment's dime this just might be an option for you

     "another case where i feel tubes need to be tied"

    dont get me wrong i know there are options to abortion

    iam not saying abortion should be the only option

    i just say there should be more then one option

    i love adoptions i hope to adopt when iam older my self

    but they are over crowded as it is

    and it sucks how most just want to adopt the babies

    i vow here i will not adopt babies

    i will give the children homes the ones people seem to over look

  • Rev.William  Jackson
    Rev.William Jackson I agree with you on some things but I also look at it like this.The only thing that constitutes
    killing unborn child is if it will save the life of the mother,if the female that is with child was put in that way by force and so on.I don't believe that ...  more
    February 22, 2010
  •  William Or  Asian Wil Steele
    William Or Asian Wil Steele no prob ill try to remeber to tone down my words when typing
    February 21, 2010