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William Or Asian Wil Steele

what god says

  • i will never tell you what god says

    i dont know god never meet him/her/it (not going to argue if god is a guy or a chick or even some kind of panda bear)

    well unless iam making a joke

    but mainly i just cant tell you what god says

    i cant tell you gods plan

    nor can i tell you what makes god happy, sad or angry

    and because i dont know these things ill never tell you what god says

    people will find out for them selves is what i think

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  • Charles Lee, Jr
    Charles Lee, Jr I'm pretty sure God says,

    "Humanity is my Created free will creature, evolving, growing and learning to open its mind to my presence within them, by vainly creating its own experiences with good, and with evil, and with peace."

    We have a ch...  more
    February 19, 2010