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William Or Asian Wil Steele

judgeing people

  • many people tell me they dont do it

    many feel its wrong

    i feel they should stop lying to them selves

    we as a human race must make judgments

    i mean through the time of a single day we will go through, there will be many interactions with random new people

    plus you got the people you all ready know

    if some one just put blind faith behind every one they interacted with  i got a tiger scaring stone for sale at a real deal

    works great look around see any tigers?

    just for safety people should do it

    and for less drama

    but there is also an up side to it

    its also judgments that help us find the people we do want to spend time with

    and ill say this in my life i have meet many fun people that i enjoyed wasting my time with

  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones Write Something...
    February 21, 2010
  • Charles Lee, Jr
    Charles Lee, Jr wasting time is wasting love
    February 19, 2010
  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones When I hear the phrase judgemental used I think that it usually refers to someone who believes that they are the only one with the correct idea and everyone who does not subscribe to my ideals and standards must be: foolish, stupid, h**l bound, or evil. W...  more
    February 21, 2010