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High Priestess Ellen E. Bishop

Attitude Shift

  • Have you ever woken up and just been in love? The sun was shining and birds were singing in your heart even if it was cloudy and drizzling outside your windows? Your mind and spirit were joyful even though the vacuum and washer were running? The trials of home and work seemed so small compared to the blessings you gave thanks to have received?

    This is how my day started as my eyes opened this morning and all seemed right with my world. I spent a few extra minutes in bed snuggling up to my husband, thankful for such a caring man in my life. I am still very much in love with him and who we are together. I finally climbed out of bed and as I went through my normal routine yet everything appeared much different.  I said my morning prayers; yet noticed I was giving thanks for much more than I asked for help. I woke the teenagers for school, yet even their morning grumps did nothing to hinder my smile. I started the laundry and fed the dogs, all the while thinking about what a blessing God has given me with family and friends.

    I spoke with a high school class mate about a situation he is feeling disgruntled over, yet I told him I love him and will be there for him no matter what. He is truly an amazing man, one of love, faith and kindness. That has not changed over the years of tribulation for him.

    I started the dishes, vacuumed the house, and realized I was still smiling. I have been peaceful and accepting of my life, but today I realized I am amazingly content in what I do or do not have. God has provided all I need and continues to carry me when times are tough. We do not have wealth by a worldly standard, yet I have all the riches I will ever need in Him that sustains me. I do not have a house of my own, two working cars, money to spend on my children; yet God continues to give me just enough to get by and the love of family and friends. Through Him all I need is provided.

    The trappings of this life are something I have struggled long with; yet they are just that: a trap. It would be nice not to worry about whether to paying the rent or the electric bill, giving my children money to eat or keeping the water turned on, money for food or clothes BUT in time, as my pride continues to let go and let God handle things everyday as He wants them, that will come too. For now, I'm in love! I'm in love with God, my husband, my family, my friends, and those that need me to help guide them on the path God has chosen for them. No more joy could come from above than the rejoicing in my Heavenly Father for the life he has given me.