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Darrell Olson

From whence we came

  • I have read some interesting material lately. I believe there is much more to our history than what we have been "fed" in terms of our ancestry. It is my belief that we are products of a lineage that dates back millions of years and began in a distant star system. I have witnessed through my own meditations and reflections, things that cannot be interpreted by simple means and as I believe that there is no simple explanation to our "missing link" that we should be willing to explore all possible avenues of suspect that stake claim in our origins. I have researched and researched many interesting possibilities and have concluded that we are not here by accident. Our placement here is a strategic play in a galactic drama that has been undolding since out descent from the higher dimensional realms. We are 5th dimensional beings trapped in 3rd dimensional bodies and it is our duty to unlock the mysteries that can reunite us with our higher selves. I have seen a phenomenal mathematical oddity called the tesseract. It is an improbably equation that allows one to visually interpret the 5th dimensional 3rd dimensional phenomena that allows us to ebb and flow from above to below ourselves. I believe that at this very moment there are 5th dimensional humans looking down on us, praying for us, hoping that we realize the errors of our ways so as to open fully the floodgates of love that await as we transcend back to whence we came and to whence we will always return.