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Doug Ketchum

Amputation........what a blessing

  • Sounds strange doesn't it? That an amputaion can be a blessing. August 21 2008 I was riding my motorcycle when I was hit by a drunk driver. Of course the women drinking and driving was not hurt at all, I on the other hand got 5 broken ribs, a badly brused hip, and I had to have my right foot amputated because it was so badly distroyed it could not be saved. I spent a total of 7 weeks in the hospital 4 weeks were because I got infection in my leg. I ended up having 10 surgeries. Sure doesn't sound like a guy who's blessed does it? But I am! Since my accident I have learned so much about my faith, myself, and other people. I have learned about forgivness, and if you're wondering...........yes, I forgive the drunk driver. I'm not saying she shouldn't be punished but I do forgive her. I actually hope that I get a chance to talk to her sometime. I pray for her every day and I pray that while she is in rehab she can change her life for the better. I'm blessed cause I'm alive! I rolled and flipped for 125 plus feet after impack I could have easly died.......there was a couple of times in the hospital when I thought I might die. The Lord has blessed me. He has something for me to do. While I often don't understand God's will, I am much more willing to except it. When I was in rehab I saw people that made my injury look like a skinned knee. When I was in a privite room it was looking over the helicopter pads. I watched them come and go, sometimes 6/8 times a day. It MADE me feel blessed! God has showed me what life is truly about.............I'm so blessed!!