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Anthony Frisko

My First Sermon

  • The universe is here. It either began or has been forever. We are a part of this universe... Though our perspective of it may be small... It goes on very far. 

    The universe is alive. "Oh but I can debate that!" Hush! Listen... There is life within the universe... As there is life within us. Billions of cells that make up our body all serving purposes and doing their thing. These bodies are part of the universe, along with the cells that make them up. The universe... is indeed alive. 

    It is rather safe to assume that life is not unique to this particular world we live on. Highly improbable we will ever meet anyone... However highly improbable that what happened here does not happen anywhere else. Space is big... Lots of galaxies... Lots of Stars... Googels upon Googels of combinational possibilities. With odds like that... It is rather naive to believe anything other. The universe is alive. Now before you get all technical on me... I say this in the same context that one could say a pond is alive as it is teaming with life.

    One can see the pond as an organism as one could view the universe as an organism... Thousands of single individual creatures serving their purposes, balancing the eco system, surviving etc etc.

    These creatures are made of cells... Those cells like the pond influencing the great system the belong to... Like our world... Upon which we interact, and serve our purposes.

    If the cells in our body could think... And see... would they look around and truly understand the greater whole they belong to?

    Earth is inhabited by millions of species... one in particular with one immense power to influence the rest. Needless to say its us. And our power is taken for granted... The ability to communicate not only basic feeling, and instinct, but knowledge and experience.

    Does this make other life forms insignificant, or lower? No not at all. Think of earth as an organism and us as its brain cells. Each one of us posses tiny pieces of information and we share, and interact with it constantly. We commit to the building and the balancing and the overseeing, and such. answer me this... would you sacrifice heart cells? They don't hold information... they are obviously lower to brain cells right? They don't oversee... No they don't but without them the brain cells would die. Throw away a hand maybe? A toe? Those are pretty important to you to right? The only time one would mutilate ones self is if something was wrong in the mind or perhaps for desperate survival. As we cause the unnatural extinction of other life forms quite often I would simply say we have a lot wrong in the grand mind, or perhaps just a lot to learn. Though we are not totally to blame... Some things have to happen naturally... Just as the body ages and cells die. 

    Again... The universe is alive...  

    As human beings the transmission of feeling, thought, information etc, leads to our actions... And with this we grow... We become smarter... And better suited to preserve our world and our bodies... But this isn't entirely true is it? Many of us grow ill of our own actions... Aye my friends... So to does our world. Many minds... Like our great human race our young, and undisciplined. 

    Though in a time like now when things are falling apart... we seek to adapt.

    We are reaching our point of needed growth... And in the past 20 years or so we have propagated our most sacred and powerful tool to enhance our greatest ability... The Force... No... Just kidding... The Internet. "The Internet!? Are you insane? That place where I check my blog, play games, download stuff, and who knows what other things!!! You're crazy!" Oh? Really? 

    Consider that our greatest power I spoke of before (The ability to influence others and our world through knowledge and information) is kind of like our brain... Our brain cells by them selves are pretty dumb. The hold very tiny pieces of information yet share them through little wires to become intelligent as a greater whole. And that greater whole does amazing things like control our bodies to do even greater things. 

    Each one of us posses little tiny pieces of information... In olden times... information was rather slow... Things took a lot of time to get done... And in time we developed the means to transmit that information much more quickly and much more efficiently... One could see the trend of technology all the way back to the stone ages... When languages developed we became dominant in this world. We hunted with proficiency. We shared ideas on farming and fire... and even wheels! 

    Over time this lead to greater things... When phones and telegraph came out! The world was connected!!! The world exploded into an age that lead into today. And now we are to the point where almost everyone can share knowledge and information from anywhere at any time instantly! 

    Know that with this great tool... you can influence the mind of someone who is on the other side of this planet. And that is what calls for its sacred ways. You see... Falicy and Ignorance can spread just as efficiently as fact. So I ask that you take some consideration and hold some respect for this vast network. For it wields great power. Truth can lead to a great positive impact... And the internet is the ultimate tool to spread that truth. 

    In the last 20 or so years our seemingly dumb brain cells have networked to become rather intelligent... Though many conflicts arise... In time we may learn better. 

    You see... Our world grows... Just like an organism... Perhaps in the unlikely chance we meet those from those other likely to exist worlds... We will network and share with them... And Our Universe will become a little smarter. 

    Perhaps it is a confusing way to look at things... But I ask you to digest these thoughts... See the fundamentality of what life really is... And how on every level it is very much the same.

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  • Rev. Jennifer Kessler
    Rev. Jennifer Kessler Great concept and Ideas, very deep but explained on a level which one can easily relate to. I like it also.
    March 1, 2010