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A friend, you must treasure!

  • LifeWith the friendship, it will not feel lonely, life will become rich. Friendship is like a pool of clear spring, and from there can learn from the lives of slurry. With our hearts to operate bar!

    The sun was out, the sun through the windows, the shiny red light hit the white wall. I sat quietly, listening to the talk of the crowd around someone good. I have touched the hearts of what mouth, think of the distance across the watch others, they would not fully appreciate that person's shortcomings and mistakes, a dream of a perfect idol, he served as their own coloring. However, when you really get along with, inevitably there will be friction, is not it?

    Me and my two friends have been referred to as "Happy three-line," but who would think of "Crossings" in us, there have been unpleasant situation. Who do not know how to get started, in our eyes to the other side is no longer perfect as ever. As a result, look at each other's eyes in appreciation also gradually fade. Every meet, always quiet start, silent departure, without past happy atmosphere. We are all thinking about: how we in the end it?

    I miss the joy previously, from the bottom of my heart are the true share of happiness. One day I finally understand: we are all mortal, yet see the other side too perfect. This allows us to tolerate each other a little bit of shortcoming. Thus, when other people's shortcomings and mistakes occurs, will no longer be perfect, or even close to empty. 1:00 misty line of sight, Yan Qu all the beauty of friendship is no longer transparent, multi-foolish!

    Zhou Guoping in the "love and loneliness," said: "Good love, there is toughness, and Latin America have been pushing to open yet. Love each other is not mutually binding, it is that they have confidence in the performance of love. Who does not limit who In the end no one who is love can not be separated. "I think friendship should also be the case, he was a friend of the revelation of the most authenticity and performance, do not bother to ask for, the friendship built on the authenticity of the exchanges. Does not gloss over their own shortcomings and mistakes, so that friends accept their good side also see their own shortcomings and mistakes. This friendship, really should be cherished.

    Last autumn, we came together again and go off to the old place. On the wall opposite the ivy has become a glowing red to a U.S. grade. The cream was the United States, is not it? Without the cream of the green though was cute, but seems to Sentimental. And this red just like us, mature! We looked at each other with a new vision and each other, our stingy tightly together. We finally understand that: When the "friend" or a noun, is just a beautiful word but not the content; and when it becomes a verb exists, represents an understanding of an understanding and a tolerance.