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Know already, a friend of my life

  • It is often said:LifeKnown to have been a rare one!

    Known fact of life has been an intermediary between the husband and the lover a special and important role. This is a very and I am really pure emotion, it is more than love to be light, deeper than friendship, he was living in the area of your spiritual man, he was not necessarily handsome, but it must be understanding, he did not her husband The high-handed, no lover's hungry and and tangled emotions, but he has a man's Darling, generous attempts and the bearing. He will not care for your face and the poor and lowly rich, but you can look through into your heart, do you have the most loyal audience, but also when you are lonely lonely and good partners.

    When you are happy to share with you, he, when you are sad at that time he will listen to you talk to, to give you comfort, for you to share. He does not always accompany you around each other nor any commitment, but always hoped that the other party had the happiness and joy.

    Know is already a money can not be measured with the greatest wealth in life, this friendship and emotions may not produce a lifetime of love, but with him, your life becomes colorful and fulfilling, life has become more colorful and brilliant ... ...

    Gone so long, when I met you, I finally had this experience, your open-minded, cheerful, wisdom, tenacity and humor as well as the entrepreneurial spirit is deeply infected with me, let me enjoy the charm of your men while also moving forward in a sincere and happy ... ...

    I do not want to know that in this world, Who is your obsession with wide praise and bright? Who is your star studded memory? Who is your desert where surf the mermaid? Who is to recapture the lost dream of muttered whispers?

    I just want to tell you, in your time of happiness and sadness, I just want to do your first one you want to talk to people in the distant horizon as long as I can hear your call, to see you mature beautiful and moving poems suffice!

    MyKnown to have been, In my mind that you seem to be a sea, you are using your tolerance and understanding Qingqi I'm happy sailing, swimming Biduan my stay in the life of your fragrance inside. I Shenbuyouyi to talk with one song after another of my poems to you the joy and loneliness, only you can read my pale years and wandering minds. Only you have given me a lot of comfort and spiritual enlightenment ... ...

    In the misty rain filled the night, I have along the way, came the graceful poetry Ching, Han Qin Guan came wind and rain on the vicissitudes of life, the subtle fragrance walked Chunhua Qiushi beautiful, but get out of nostalgic memories of Acacia. I have been walking passed Huakaihuaxie dream season came Yuemanxilou the lingering whispers, walked poetic wet with dew, but can not get out Hunqianmengying of Chien-minded. Yes you, with sincerity and friendship read my poetry, with good understanding and trust to help me through every confusion. You use poetry and join me in moving forward without stars of the night warm!
    In these wonderful days, I gradually gain a moving and self-confidence.

    Between us and there is no Haishishanmeng, no afterlife agreement, only the sincere greetings and warm wishes. You never insist on me to do anything, nor barely do not want me to tell a secret, never demanding me to do what you people, you respect my choice, appreciation of my literary styles, has given me has never been touched by ... ...

    You like fresh air, from the distant horizon, the sea flowing into my heart, from my life lasting bonds with water, my soul and water with my poetry in the water side, my story will be extended to the sea home , pure water baptism vicissitudes of my years, crystal me happy every day.

    Past days, such as the solo, in my lonely poems Biduan condensed into one song after another, I will dust of memory woven into the Yilianyoumeng flying in the star-studded night sky, so that floating of the spring to take my thoughts, so that depression The feelings are no longer dominate my life!

    I know already, with you and I will not be afraid of injury, a loss will not be lonely, do you like my heart diary, filled with fragrance of my thoughts, as long as the way have you, I will definitely bring a little happiness Collection ... ...