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Sean Snarr-Jones

21 Days ...Co-Creation

  • Good Morning. Day 4.

    Yesterdays prayer and affirmation was a handy little one! I found myself slipping a couple of times into feeling sorry for myself, in a way I hadn't thought or noticed before. Just a little thought that ran through my mind, something like, "of for goodness sake, will you give me a break". there are other days when I have a full blown, "why me!" moment, hour and day! "Why don't the kids call more? Why don't I win the lottery? Why are people so rude?" as if the whole world were not noticing me in that moment.

    Yesterday I caught myself in the little "poor me" moments. More than I care to admit. I guess there is hope for change! Here is day 4 of 21 Days of Prayer.

    Just For Today “21 Days of Prayer-Day 4”

    Meditative Thought: Affirmative Prayer is freedom. When we speak an affirmative prayer, we choose to live a life of co-creation with God. When we pray and speak with authority, we begin to lose the chains of bondage. Praying to a God outside ourselves, hoping that a blessing will come, is powerless. When we realize our oneness with God, we have the power to empower our lives. Affirmative Prayer is knowing that you have everything you need, free to live your fullest life.

    Spiritual Assignment: Today, pray to a God that lives within you. Speak to Spirit like an old friend, because it is. The Universe has been with you before time, and it will never leave you.

    Affirmations: Just for today, I pray to God that lives within me. I am one with infinite Spirit. I allow my prayers to activate Divine inspiration in my life. And so it is. Amen.

    Skip Jennings
    The Urban Mystic
    Light Coach and Reiki Healer

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