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Sean Snarr-Jones

21 Days of Prayer, Day 6 Jump in Anytime!

  • Good Morning!

    Day 6. Jump in and start 21 days of prayer anytime. don't think you have to wait because you missed the beginning, day 1! Start on this day, then add the ones you missed at the end if thats what it takes to get you thinking in a new way.

    Todays message is about vibration, singing and prayer. I do this occassionally, but I have never thought about what I am doing in this way! I make up words as i go along, make my affirmations into song, (usually no one else is around to hear me!) and laugh as I do it becuase I seldom rhyme and i have no idea what i sould like when i sing! Look out!

    Have a great weekend, it's Thanksgiving here in Canada, so Happy thanksgiving to all, have a great Columus day!


    Just For Today “21 Days of Prayer-Day 6”

    Meditative Thought: Rev. Michael Barnard Beckwith says, “Singing is praying twice.” I get that statement. The lyrics send out a vibration, accompanied by the vibrations of the melody.

    I get the opportunity to sing with a very large choir, The Agape International Choir, and a small group, Tim MacAfee Lewis and NewThought. Most of my time is writing, speaking, or singing about God, my favorite subject. Whenever I sing, my vibration is lifted to new heights. The music we sing helps to anchor my spirit. Every song has a message. What song do you sing?

    Spiritual Assignment: Today, sing your prayers. It doesn’t matter if you think you can sing or not. It’s about your intentions to elevate your consciousness.

    Affirmations: Just for today, “Sing, sing a song, make it simple to last the whole day long. Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song.” Amen.

    Skip Jennings
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    Light Coach and Reiki Healer