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Sean Snarr-Jones

21 days of Prayer: Day 9

  • Good Morning.

    Thanksgiving Weekend is over for us up here. But being thankful never ends. This past weekend brought up some inner personal battles for me. Sarcasim, frustration, loneliness. Amazing how the mind works. So much to be grateful for yet a part of me struggled with the things missed, not yet acheived and my short comings. One of the differences this time was being a part of this prayer journey. I had moments where I could detach from the emotions of regret, loss and doubt and say to myself, "you know what to do here! Ask for help!" It's funny how at times of celebration feelings creep up that appear so out of place. They do have a purpose. I have been studying angels as a part of the spirit realm and how they were intended by the Divine to be of service and support to me (us). So as I found myself reeling in crazy emotion, I took sometime to meditate and to listen to a meditation by Doreen Virtue, letting her voice guide me through healing with angles that were meant to heal and support these specific feelings.

    Ironically, or perhaps the Divine meeting my prayers of need or perspective, I met someone this weekend whose life's trials far outreached mine. She took a few moments to say hello and asked how I was. Instead of pretending I was great, I said I had been struggling a bit with feeling sorry for myself.

    She shared her real feeling of struggle this past weekend too, "Thanksgiving" and how hard it was for her. The difference was this; she had lost a child over 15 years ago, when her daughter was 4 years old during the Thanksgiving time. And every year for her Thanksgiving was the anniversary of her loss.

    I felt so self absorbed in my own regrets. I can not imagine losing one of my daughters. Both of mine are now in their mid 20's. That alone should have me danicing on the roof tops.

    Anyway, enough about me. Today is a new day, and that experieince is fresh in my mind. I am going to write both my daughters as soon as I finish our time together here, just to say "I love you". Then I will meditate again today, and ask for healing so I can go out into the world less focused on my short comings and more of what I can do for you.

    Have a greart day, to Rev. Jeff especially, and anyone else that may be sharing this journey with us.


    Just For Today “21 Days of Prayer-Day 9”

    Meditative Thought: Prayer Treatment Step 1 – Thanksgiving: It is important to begin our prayer treatment with gratitude. Gratitude is the highest vibration for manifestation. If we begin our prayer with thanksgiving it sets the tone. It is good to start our prayers in the highest vibrational field possible.

    Spiritual Assignment: Today, begin your prayer with gratitude. Set the tone and vibration of the prayer. Feel the vibration.

    Affirmations: Just for today, I am grateful for God. I set the tone of my life with thanksgiving. Gratitude is the order of my life. And so it is. Amen.

    Skip Jennings
    The Urban Mystic
    Light Coach and Reiki Healer