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Sean Snarr-Jones

21 Das, Day 21.. Forgiveness

  • Good Morning.

    Wishing you well this early morning. It's 5:30 am for me right now, getting ready to go t o work.

    Yesterday was a lovely day for me. I am sure it started so strong due to the help of the prayer for yesterday. It helped me confirm in my heart and mind God's will, wishes, hopes for me: to be happy, fulfilled, abundant, loved and loving, all the things a loving parent desires and dreams for their child.

    It helped set a lift in my step.

    Here is todays prayer thoughts for today.

    Hope you have a beautiful day today.



    Just For Today Meditative Thought and Affirmations “21 Days of Prayer-Day 21”

    Meditative Thought: “According to scripture, before we pray, before we can build an intimate relationship with God, we must learn how to forgive.” - Dr. Mary A. Tompkins, Before You Pray, Forgive

    Dr. Mary is encourages us to shift our energy, from resentment to love, before we move into prayer. Unforgivness is a vibration just like Love. It reminds me, not about who we pray to, it’s about where we pray from. If we pray from a place of resentment, resentment is activated. If we pray from a place of love, Love is the energy that carries your prayers into the Law.

    Spiritual Assignment: Today, focus on forgiveness. Examine your relationships. Is there any forgiveness? If so, be willing to heal. Willingness is the first step to forgiveness.

    Affirmations: Just for today, forgiveness is the order of my life. I bless the world with Love. I pray with a heart of kindness and compassion. And so it is. Amen.

    Skip Jennings
    The Urban Mystic
    Light Coach and Reiki Healer