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Sean Snarr-Jones


  • Just For Today Meditative Thought and Affirmations: “Grace”

    Meditative Thought:
    Grace is the ability to see God in action.

    Affirmations: Just for today, I release everything that blocks me from loving myself. I am worthy of true love, because love is what I am. I am a strong pillar of Joy, rooted in a foundation of Grace. And so it is. Amen

    Skip Jennings
    The Urban Mystic
    Spiritual Coach and Reiki Healer

  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin Excellent one today Rev Sean!

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    November 17, 2009
  • Rev J.M. Chance
    Rev J.M. Chance Thank you Rev. Sean. God's grace is a great example. And i believe we are all worthy of love.
    I am not perfect, but I can love myself because God loves me.
    November 18, 2009