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Rev. David Perfetto

...He believes in you too.

  • alt Many people have asked me through the years, David do you beleive in God ? And I always told them, "of course I do...and he beleives in me." I think this is the one thing I've based my main spirituality on, not just the fact that I beleive in God, but that I beleive that he beleives in me as well, and this belief is what has kept me going through alot of troubles that I have gone through in my life, and these things i definetely couldn't have done without the thought that God was there with me believing in me, I thank him for it everyday.

    I dont think for a second that I'm the only one that God has to attend to, we all are important in his eye, but there are many others out there, who need his help far more than I do right now, just look at the mess the world is in. alt  He beleives in everyone of us, whether we all want to believe it or not, he loves us all equally, and without question. I think most people need to look into there hearts, and do the same thing.

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  • Theodore Cox
    Theodore Cox As I read your blog, I thought about the spiritual saying, God will never let us end up in a place where his Grace couldn't deliver us. Yes we all need to believe that his grace is sufficient!

    Great topic!
    March 21, 2010