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Rev. David Perfetto

Is Revelation happening now ?

  • Isnt this the question thats on everybodies mind anyway, I know people who dont even go to church, that are really looking at all these things and saying, ....hey, thats funny wasnt that in the Bible somewhere? Thats when I put 2 things to good use, my Bible, and ... "that look". ...yeah, read right here, Revelation 14:8.... "Then another angel followed him through the sky saying Babylon is fallen..." , but I always promised myself I wasnt going to be an "end of the world preacher", unless extremely necessary and right now there are so many people out there doing it, and so much need for so many other kinds...anyway...is this happening, hmmm , Id really hate to beleive so, but there is so much violence, and starvation, and war, and natural disaster, and right now the world economy is going straight down the toilet, what else would you call it, an oopsie ? On the other hand, this has gotten alot of people praying, and into Churches, I myself have been to a myriad of different Churches till I figured I had the right idea in the first place,  give it to 'em straight.