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Kay Lee


  • D.A.R.E.

    My cause is justice around the world, but particularly here in America - My grandchildren have made it my passion. I'm convinced that if we do not learn to recognize the 'silent weapons' around us, realistically the history books of the future could read:

    "There was once a 200 year experiment: a government of the people based on personal freedom in a country called The United States of America. The experiment failed: The citizens eventually traded their freedom for 'security' and, as Thomas Jefferson predicted, they lost both. The experiment was never repeated."

    We are the ones who will have to rewrite the history books. Now. Otherwise our children will reject freedom based on misinformation and lies.

    Our children's minds are forged less and less by parents, and more and more by that I will call the Empire, Nancy Reagan's 'community,' which actually boils down to government control; federal, state, and local. Legislators are trying to begin their influence at an ever earlier age.  A discussion on Larry King on May 1st of this year was focused on the need of the named entities to exact more influence over children by the age of five.

    In the early '40s UNESCO advisor, Bertrand Russell, for the
    UNESCO Journal, in The Impact of Science on Society, wrote,

    "Every government that has been in control of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen . . ."

    D.A.R.E., P.R.I.D.E., Partnership, et al have been focused on children, convincing us and them that the children are warriors and must be miniature soldiers in this dirty drug war. They've sent the children the message that it's okay to be a bully, a thief, and a liar, as long as you have the power behind them to make it stick.

    They've taught our kids that they are not responsible for their own behavior, that their parents are incapable, and that if drugs were gone, all the problems of the nations would disappear. They've taught the young ones that human beings are disposable, dispensable, and that there's no alternative. These are very unrealistic and dangerous messages. If we don't find a better policy for dealing with drugs than this 65 year drug war failure, the next era of adults will be nasty little nazis, unloving and loyal to none.

    The powers that be provide our children with selective information, offer them attention and bribes, while manipulating the economy to keep the parents too busy earning a living to give them these things. Children are used as an excuse for every conceivable poorly thought out policy lawmakers can dream up.

    We've allowed the government to put the kids right in the middle of the drug war, turning them into everything our mothers taught us was wrong: Tiny snitches with no loyalty, nazis in sneakers, little cops on trikes.

    The politicrats and their cohorts have shoved the children out into the middle of the battlefield, forcing them to stand as a human shield between the people and themselves; between freedom and control; between truth and lies.

    The children are innocents who watch us air our dirty laundry, and misinterpret our confusing and contradictory messages. When the parents complain that the material is unsuitable, or attempt to teach their children the truth, the system ignores them, or worse, punishes them for daring to disagree.

    Law enforcement doesn't explain to the kids what a horrible system their parents and friends will enter; They are told snitching will help mom and dad, make life better somehow for everyone. Then the children end up crying themselves to sleep in a foster home, wondering what went wrong.

    God, I want my grandchildren's minds to remain bright and happy, full of fresh air and love, play and innocence. They aren't warriors, they are children. They will be happy until the world crashes in on them, until a pervert with ulterior motives drags them down. I'm as angry at the government for using the children's minds as I am at the nasty people who use their bodies.

    It's all rape.

    My eleven great and grandchildren are just human. At the rate we're going, six of them will get locked up within 20 years, and the other five will begin to hate them as they go about the government's business of keeping everyone confined, All of them slaves to ignorance.

    My heart is broken. I'm sick of politicians who can't say "I'm sorry, we were wrong"; who feel the need to separate the wheat from the chaff using broken yardsticks, with no concept that, not only is it unnecessary, because in the grand scheme of things, everyone is wheat, but that it takes tremendous wisdom to even attempt it. The media, the lawyers, the doctors; medicine that makes everyone sicker; all authority who have sold out on their responsibilities to the people; all of it proves that money is not quality.

    Money is NOT Quality! Our leaders are not quality, and therefore we live in less harmony, making whatever decisions are left to make the way the empire wants it. Because we elect money, without demanding quality: That's why we may lose our country.

    The empire continues to use our money against us. Why do we still give it to them?

    They have misled us, why do we keep electing them?

    Our children are being used, why do we continue to just give them up?

    If we were willing to tighten our belts and square our collective shoulders, we could take our children and our country back, but it has to be now.

    Learn it for yourself and then teach your children the truth. Make sure they know that compassion, tolerance, and honor are not bad words. Tell them that gentleness does not mean weakness, and that the meek shall inherit the earth. Give them their spirit and let them know that they are always greater than their worse deed. Teach them what freedom is, and tell them about the costs versus the horror of slavery. Otherwise, our grandchildren will feel a deep yearning, but they won't even know what they are missing.

    I weep at the thought of my great and grandchildren; beautiful Jerri becoming a snitch for tyranny; Or happy Cassaundra sleeping in a cold cell; or Brian with his sparkling eyes, or playful Major or little Jacob becoming a cold and cruel prison guard. It makes me ache that Ashley or Daelynn or Tiffany or Rissa could be raped and plundered by American soldiers occupying their city and homes. And tiny Jakob or Darian Lee...named after me...I pray not a president brought down in shame.

    I only know it is urgent for us to bring a gentleness and wisdom far superior to money to Washington, and to our neighborhoods. If leaders could only be teachers... a missing leader leaves chaos, but a lost teacher leaves behind enough of their knowledge to lead others to progress.

    I'd like to leave you with this quote from Winston Churchill:

    "If you will not fight for right when you can easily win, without bloodshed; If you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; You may come to fight with all odds against you, and only a precarious chance of survival.

    "There may be even a worse fate: You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory because it is better to perish, than to live as slaves."

    I do not want to leave that fight for my offspring, who may not have enough of their God-given and Constitutionally-guaranteed rights left to even dream of victory.

    With Love for my Children, Great and Grand,
    Rev. and Grandma Kay Lee


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  • Rev. David Perfetto
    Rev. David Perfetto ...I just hope there is something we can do about it before its to late...lead the cause.
    March 26, 2010