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Lindsey Morrison Grant

On Michael Jackson, an observation on posts elsewhere


    Thank you BET and Jackson family for putting together this tribute in such quick order.

    In my opinion, BET is not racist, but rather living up to its name, despite comments I observed elswhere. Black entertainers have been passed over for years in terms of awards. Let us not forget that it has only been in recent years that an Oscar has gone to a Woman of color for best actress...it took six+ decades.

    No matter what one "assumes" about MJ's past, in this country one is innocent until proven guilty....no matter whom he or she is. Or shall we throw out our Constitution when a notable celebrity comes down the pike. No, OJ was found guilt in the civil suit against him, yet we still want to assume the worst of MJ out of our own fear.....one note, it is mostly young Caucasian males who resort to post the vulgar name-calling. I suggest they step outside themselves, and leave their fear and angst over someone who can no longer threaten their manhood.

    Mr. Jackson was phenomenally talented and we will never see his like in our lifetimes. This is the truth and it is proven.

    Rumors and innuendo are just that, unsubstantiated hate-monging.

    As long as we live in a country where people are free to express their opinions, Michael Jackson will not rest in peace.

    Albeit, to those who would besmirch his character, I say, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."