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Scott Bruno

Love Light Power

  • They say that it is during the age change of the procession of the equinoxes that occurs every 2000 years that we are greeted with a new great prophet, a new bible, and a new great religion. For the age of Pisces, the fish, it was Christ's age. Hence why we see the fish on the back of peoples cars, why all the fish stories in the bible, heck even the popes hat is a fish. Prior to the age of Pisces it was the age of Taurus, the bull (the ages process in a reverse order of the zodiac). Moses was the prophet for the age of Taurus. You may recall the lasting story of the golden calf (bull) and how it came down from heaven and because the people worshiped the calf Moses killed them all. This story was the symbolical death, or ending, of the age of Taurus, Moses did this to end the age in order to make way for the next age and prophet. Like a silver lining stretching through all time and space, history shows us that with each age change brings lasting affects upon human kind.

    Often times when I share a written piece of knowledge online you might note that I sign at the bottom with a, "Love, Light, and Power". And the reason I do this is to help remind us all of a few of our past great prophets, and include a 3rd yet to come. So what does this closing statement mean? It means to remind us of very important lessons we've learned and will learn. For Christ so loved people he did the most loving thing that anyone could do, he died for us. Hence, Christ brought us love. Next there was knowledge, or light, and it was the Buddha who brought us the light from up on high. And lastly there is Power, this element is yet to come to us. I happen to believe that the next great prophet will be an example and message of Power, more specifically the power that resides within each and every single one of us; the Power of our Free Will of choice. After all, if one is to slow down and pay detailed attention to every choice that they make, and they begin to make all their choices aligned with the Golden Rule and God's will, well they shall eventually come to realize that even sin is but a choice.

    And so it is these three great symbols that complete the human experience, when all put together they could very well be the means by which we truly attain salvation and get into heaven. They are: Love, Light, and Power.

    Lastly, I am sure many of you will recall what Christ said to God about the people as he hung on the cross. He said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing". I'd like to venture out and take a guess at what this next great prophet might say if he gets into a similar situation, there is one caveat to this next message though and that is that while the prophet may indeed forgive, I'm not to sure that God will. The message might go something like this:

    Forgive them Lord, for they know, but they do not do.

    And this my friends would even further the importance of the message of Power that he may bring. The power of our free will of choice. I for one feel that it's time to stop the Jesus talk, and begin to walk the Jesus walk.

    Love, Light and Power,