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Scott Bruno

Scale of Consciousness



    All of these examples exist at the bottom of Dr. David R. Hawkins Scale of Consciousness where pain and suffering exist.  The scale ranges from 0 (no light, only darkness) to 1000 (pure intense white light or source energy).  According to his book, POWER VS FORCE, 85% of the world’s population have a low personal frequency and live in low vibrational energies of shame (20), guilt (30), apathy (50), grief (75), fear (100) and anger (150).  You may recognize institutions, governments, religions, work environments and even relationships that use these negative energies to control with force and project these energies onto others.   Energy below 200 is destructive and life diminishing to the individual and to society.

    If your energetic personal frequency is above 200 you are living in life enhancing and supporting energy, such as courage (200), being willing (310), acceptance (350), reason (400), love (500), joy (540), peace (600) and gratitude (700).  At the top of the scale, 1000,  is intense pure white light and the strongest presence of source or divine love.  Here you would find Jesus, Buddha or an enlightened being.  In these higher vibrational energies you are increasing your own truth and becoming powerful from within.  People with this personal frequency and vibration use constructive expressions of power, like compassion and love to motivate others to become better versions of themselves.


    Raise Your Personal Frequency Quickly With Energy Healing

    So where do you fit on this scale of consciousness?  We all obviously have all of these energies at different points in our lives, even at different points of the day.  Every thought, decision, feeling and action has its own vibration.  The goal of course is to choose in every new moment and raise our vibration.

    The problem, however, is that many of these thoughts, feelings and beliefs have been imprinted into us from parents, families, schools, friends, media and society.  Much of it is subconscious and we see this through self-sabotaging patterns or when we automatically react a certain way, even though we may not have wanted to.

    This is where energy healing can really help.  By eliminating these conscious and subconscious beliefs, emotions, patterns and programs, we can raise our vibration and consciousness into the states of love, joy and peace that we all deserve.   I am currently offering a free mini-session of Intuitive Energy Healing to those who want to experience a shift in energy and start to raise their vibration at www.energyhealinglifecoach.com.

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