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Angela Raven Miskelley Cartee

Be the Angel~ TO all that cross your path

  • Angels communicate with us in a number of ways, sometimes it's face to face in the physical realm, sometimes through our dreams and sometimes they will create 'Signs and Portents'. These are little confirmation messages that you have been touched by an Angel. Synchronicity or signs working together in a sequence of unusual events can be a message from Angels pointing you in the right direction.

    You may ask 'What do they tell us?' Often it's a message of enlightenment and reassurance which is given in a split second when a whole lot of new information is imparted to you. It may be a message from a loved one who has passed and cannot appear themselves or it maybe a confirmation that you are on the right track to making an important decision. You may hear your Angel in words or you may recognize the essence of what is being said to you telepathically.

    Angels can appear in a number of ways, including the well recognized form of having large feathered wings, or as humanoids radiating light or even as balls of light. However they appear to you, they will always impart a feeling of love and security. When Angels are present there is no fear, for they are beings of love.

    Primary Intention

    If you wish to communicate with Angels, make angel talk a prime intention in your prayer life. Focus on it and be sincere in your desire to achieve effective communication. Open your heart to the possibility and state your intention to form a relationship with Angels.
    Angels can appear as regular physical people (without wings!) who will help you in times of need. Sometimes these regular people are channeling angel energies and sometimes they are actual angels who appear in human form.

  • Mark Todd
    Mark Todd I have communicated with Angles starting at around age 7 or 8. Angles are with us through our lives and want to help us as we take our journey of life.
    April 2, 2010
  • Angela Raven Miskelley Cartee
    Angela Raven Miskelley Cartee I too talked to angels/spirits when I was a child and am now reconnecting with Spirit, through them. So many amazing things have happened over the past 7 years...but that is another blog...I will share my journey in more detail in the next few days. Thank...  more
    April 3, 2010