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Lucas Cauffman

Pernicious Populace.

  •       Since the establishment of civilization a certain standard for morals within a society has been set in place and observed by those whom are among the status quo. To deviate from the peramiters of these moral standards is to commit social suicide and subject ones self to ridicule  and ostracism. Yet, it is strictly the opinion of this observor that the morals exercised by the staus quo today are in fact immodest and perverse. It has come to a point saturation in society where having pious and altruistic ideals makes one an outcast. Perhaps my personal veiw of society, being that of  wide spread lechery, is ill aimed, yet I feel compelled to stand up and point out that it is very much prevalent in todays moral standards and customs. I do believe everyone has the right to live their lives according to their own beleifs, but I do not condone any actions that may harm other individuals which seems to be the basic rule in any beleif system I have ever studied.