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James Nelson

Introduction from the Northwest

  • First entry for my blog.  I have always thought of community as physical presence, people and animals I can see, touch, talk to and interact with.  It would be interesting to explore what community might mean in an on-line format.  It would certainly be different, but I am not sure it can be as compelling, immediate or useful as a physical ministry.  I welcome your thoughts on the idea of on-line community in the context of ministry.

  • James Nelson
    James Nelson Christl I have also found that our teachers and guides seem to be there when we are ready for them. It may be that there are meant to appear, but it is more likely that they are always there, we just are not always prepared to learn from them. I guess t...  more
    October 26, 2009
  • Christl Buskohl
    Christl Buskohl I would agree that online format would be more challenging than a physical ministry. However, think of all the people with whom you can connect online, as opposed to the limits of physical contact. I have found, especially when people want to learn spir...  more
    October 25, 2009