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Trysten Shaman

A new change

  • So I have good news.  My family is moving out of our shoebox!!!  We are moving from a 650 sq ft apartment, yeah its small!, to a duplex just down the street that is 900+ sq ft and has a basement, a garage, and we can get a dog!  Very excited and feeling very blessed that all of my referances would be so awesome as to give me such a blessing.  Thanks guys! 

    On a spiritual note, I did a shamanic journey for my daughter's power animal and was very successful!  Her animal meaning matches her names meaning, how awesome and profound is that?!  Just another positive confirmation that I am on the right track in my shamanic work. 

    I would like to offer up prayers and spiritual healings for anyone that may be in need.  Thank you all for your friendship and compassion.